Hello, world

I’ve got every reason to be interested in computer science. I think it’s fun and interesting.

Of course, I had very different sentiments about 2 years ago.

I knew what coding was, and I was curious. Learning was straightforward enough; I went on Codecademy once a day. Soon enough, I understood the basic concepts of coding and could write a very simple program in Python (a programming language).

But then I realized there was a lot more to it: Linux, UNIX, other programming languages, the Windows registry, mobile development, and a crap-ton more that I hadn’t a clue about (if you don’t know what some of that stuff is, don’t worry about it).

So I was overwhelmed pretty quickly. I knew that the basics of each subject would be pretty simple to learn, but what about the finer details? Sure, I could get a Python program to display the words “Hello, world” in a console, but how did I go from there to making money on the App Store, or even just making a user interface for an app? How do I master this stuff?

There is no easy answer to that question. If there was, this blog wouldn’t exist.

Some (including me) might say to Google your issues, but sometimes it can be unhelpful, or even discourage you more.

So that’s what this blog is: I write about stuff I learn or already know in the hope of spreading knowledge and curiosity about computer science, while omitting the jargon and buzzwords that experienced programmers seem to love.


Most people think certain things about computer science and programming that aren’t true. Here are a couple:

Programming is hard.

Sure, some aspects are hard, but the basics are really quite simple. Just try taking any course at Codecademy or Treehouse. You’ll get it down pretty quick.

I can’t possibly compete with all the other experienced programmers out there.

Well, not right now you can’t. You need to learn first. Google “how to make an app for [windows/mac/android/ios/etc.]” is probably the simplest way to get going.

How do I learn <insert subject here>?

Google it. That’s what just about every successful programmer does. You can also search this blog for it.


In short, what I want you to take from this post (and this blog) is don’t be afraid to do what it takes to learn. Google, Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, Codecademy, and LearnXinYMinutes are some of my favorite learning sites. So get out there and learn!

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